Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Cold Trip to Moab

Lance and I went to Moab while Kylee was in Belize. We were hoping for warmer weather than Logan but it ended up being just as cold. We did go on a few hikes in the snow and it was fun. We did some of the same hikes that we have done in the past with the snow everything looked so different.

Lance, Gabe and I (Lance is taking the picture) were the first one's to blaze the trail. We stayed on the trail most of the time. In places the snow was up over my knees.

Gabe and Sarah went sledding down their driveway.

Lance and I went up Negro Bill Canyon, it was pretty.

I wish that I were somewhere warm.

Kylee's Trip to Belize

These are Kylee's pictures that she took in Belize. She had a great time and had many new adventures. She learned how to snorkel and looks super cute in her gear!

Kylee had a leisure breakfast on the beach.

Kylee swam in the river near a waterfall.

She was covered with iguanas and loved it.

She saw monkeys and Mayan ruins. Kylee had more adventures but you will have to ask her all about them.