Monday, April 26, 2010


We had a little bit of a challenge trying to figure out a color that would work well with this space and one that we all could agree upon we ended up with white.

The other bedroom aka Bruce's room has one red wall. It turned out really nice.

The gym wall is rust. I love this color. I can't wait to clean everything up and see how things look. We painted the master bedroom sort of a reddish brown leathery color. I took a picture of it but it didn't turn out. To add color we painted one accent wall (with the exception of Kylee's room) and the rest of the walls are white.

Kylee chose her colors for her room. She has chosen sunshine yellow and lemon grass green. they are obviously very bright. She loves her room and said that if she is ever sad she will just go into her room and it will make her happy. My mom came over and helped with the painting. I couldn't have gotten as much done as I did with out her. She was awesome.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Begining of Sheetrock and Insulation

The interior walls had some insulation blown in. We needed to put up some of the sheetrock to hold the insulation in place.

The half bathroom is totally sheetrocked in! The hallway looks totally different with a solid wall. It was a lot darker that I thought it would be. It looks awesome!