Friday, September 28, 2012


Rod went to the royal wedding.

And I met the queen! (she thinks I'm awesome)

We went to Warwick castle. This is the oldest section of the castle.

A view from one of the towers of the castle and the surrounding area. There were sheep in the pastures just beyond the castle.

I took this picture just for Kylee. Too bad for her that she doesn't live int he UK!

Piccadilly Circus. I think that a circus is something similar to a square. It reminded me of Times Square, just different.    

King's Cross station platform 9 3/4. I think we missed the train to Hogwarts.
It wouldn't be England without any rain.
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace
A guard at Buckingham Palace

A changing of the guards type of ceremony

Westminster Abby

Big Ben

Benjamin Franklin's house. It was weird to see United States history pointed out in London.
Making a plan

I don't know which castle this is but it was my favorite. It was little compared to the House of Parliament but there was something about it that appealed to me. 
The British Museum

The London Eye
We did so many things in the few days that we had in London. It really was a good time.

The British Museum

Both of these are from the same painting, I can't remember what it is about.

The Rosetta Stone, Amenhotep III, and canopic jars.
Cleopatra's mummy