Friday, May 28, 2010

Finished Master Tub

We put the finishing touches on the tub. The faucet makes a big difference in the appearance. Now it just needs some bubbles.

Kylee has been taking tennis lessons and she was practicing in the house. I thought it was pretty funny. She has been able to do a lot of things in the house that I would never have thought possible growing up.

This is Lance's true love, Dexter. He looked so cute sleeping in the cupboard. He chose this one for his bed and slept there for most of the day.

One of the most important holes in the house

This may look like some strange hole in the floor but this is my under-cabinet vacuum! All I have to do is sweep whatever dirt is on the floor into a little cutout under the island and poof all of the dirt is gone. The other end of the hose is in the utility/ laundry room and will be attached to a shop vac that can be emptied when needed. I feel so spoiled to get to have such cool things in our house.

Front Door

The front door is stainless steel plated. Lance and Bruce glued the stainless onto the wood door, and now we have a front door, it even opens!

I will get a better picture of the house with the front door installed. It really does make a statement.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Interior Doors

Bruce has been building the interior doors. He has glued 2X4's together and held them together in those clamp things (I have no idea the names of tools) for a few days while the glue dries. He works his Bruce magic and then there is a door. They look awesome!

IKEA cabinets

We had a very long day at IKEA picking up our cabinets. We ended up with 18 carts full of stuff. It all made it home and we have started putting things together. Most of the base cabinets are together but we don't have very many of the fronts on.

The ones that we do have the fronts on look really nice. It has definitely given the house more of a homey feel. We do have some food in the pantry all ready.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Deck Railing

Lance and Bruce have been working on the railing outside on the deck. They aren't done with it yet. It will look like the railing inside when it is finished.

Shower Tile

The tile is mostly complete. Both bathrooms have been grouted. Bruce may tile the ceiling in this shower but I am not sure.

The master shower is built for two. It has two shower heads one on each side. There is also a little bench in there for leg shaving equipped with a light directly above it so that there won't be any hairs missed.

The master tub turned out so cute. The slate has so many different colors. I love the way it has all turned out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lance and Bruce have been working on the railings. The ones that are inside all all finished. It looks awesome. They have totally defined the space yet keep in open.

The posts for the railings are really beefy. They are bolted onto the wall. The cable is strung through each spacer to keep them in place.

Shiree is helping out this week. She was measuring and cutting the cable for the railings.

Bruce was drilling the holes in the spacers.

To get the black color on the pipes Lance and Bruce heated up the pipes and the welds and then rubbed bees wax on them. There is some reaction that causes the black color, it was crazy.

This is the color in the master bedroom it is sort of a leather color. It looks more red in the picture than it does in real life.