Sunday, May 15, 2011


We have had a really strong windstorm that has lasted a couple of days (and is still blowing). The plants that we planted on the roof never grew so we have bare soil on the roof. The wind has blown a lot of the soil off the roof. It is all over the driveway, the Geo and the patio.

We were able to sweep up eight buckets and a wheel barrow full of soil. I hope the wind stops blowing soon and we are able to get some ground cover on the roof to grow.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Family Member

His name is Stinker.

Kylee is very, very good at breaking me down. She will one day be in management due to her persuading abilities. Kylee has be asking and asking for a hamster, and she finally got one. It is her 10th birthday next week and she will be with her dad so we got her a hamster for her birthday this week. Lucky girl! She loves him.

Yard Work

We had one sunny, warm day so we worked in the yard. Lance has officially become an old man and enjoys puttering in the yard. We found a few rocks in our yard and lined the driveway with them. The water should run down the driveway and into the rocks and eventually end up in the gully.