Monday, September 13, 2010

We finally have the Internet!

The roof is now ready for seed.

We measured the depth, raked, and smoothed out the soil.

We shoveled seven bags of soil around the roof. I even helped.

He sure is cute in his cowboy hat.

The soil finally made its way onto the roof! Bruce slit the bag and it fell out. The soil went on fairly quickly. The dirt mix wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be.

Lance, Bruce, and I laid out the pavers in a few places. There is a row around the perimeter of the roof that can be walked on to admire the views and get around without walking on the plants. There is a large space around the skylight box that can be used for a patio or sleeping out on or really whatever you want. There are also two shortcuts across the roof and a larger area where the stairs and climbing wall will come onto the roof.

We have been working on the roof. The temperature has cooled off enough to be able to be on the roof. The roof has a few layers to it, what you can see in this picture is the waterproof membrane followed by the drain board, then the weed barrier; last is either the foam and pavers or soil and seeds.

We have been pretty busy this past month. We have moved in to the new house and cleaned and rented out the old house. We now live in a cluttered mess of stuff in bins and "I don't know where that is right now". Some day soon it will all be put away.