Sunday, April 8, 2012

1964 Honda Dream

We bought this 1964 Honda Dream, also known as a CA95 or a Benly. It wasn't running when we bought it but Lance has skills. It has not been ridden since 1982 and a few mice made a nest in the exhaust pipe as well as in the wires (the little hole that goes straight through the middle below the seat). Lucky for me Lance knows a thing or two about wires and he was able to get them all reconnected. The carburetor was a little gummed up but he fixed that too. Lance was able to get it running and he rode it around a little. The plan for the bike is to get it running well for the summer and in the winter strip it down and restore it to as close to original as possible. I am excited because this is going to be my bike. It will be awesome cruising around on this sweet vintage bike.