Monday, March 22, 2010

Tubs and Misc

We had a little area next to the garage that we kept wood and other things covered and out of the snow. We decided to take it down and it was frozen to the ground. Lance and Bruce used the sledge hammer to break the ice and we also ran hot water to melt the ice. It was a mess.

This little heart shaped tub is the master tub (oh how cute). The other tub is in the bathroom downstairs it is a little bit longer and deeper than the average tub. Bruce did test it out and said that is was pretty nice.

This is our awesome thermostat which means we have HEAT! It has been so nice being warm in the house. I am such a baby when it comes to being cold.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


There has been some progress on the house. We have purchased a fireplace which I am excited about. The tubs were delivered and are set in place (with a cardboard cover over them to keep them clean) We have been running all of the wiring for the electrical and of course speakers. I believe that most of the plumbing has been done. The picture below is of the ceiling in Bruce's closet it has so many wires and pipes running through it. The other is an updated version of the water storage tank with all of the pipes and filters that go along with it. There is a lot of plumbing that has gone into this house. There is a place for a water softener in the future if we want and also solar hook ups. I don't have any recent pictures of the outside. We have not done anything to the outside since it has snowed. I do not have any good pictures of the floors. When we get them all cleaned up and shiny I will take a good picture of them.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Boiler System and Hot Water Storage

The floors have been pretty stressful and are still not finished. But there has been a little bit of progress on the house. We now have a boiler system and a duel coil hot water storage tank with one coil for the boiler and one coil for future solar panels. Bruce and Lance had to drill vent holes in the walls for the boiler system and other things. It isn't hooked all of the way up yet but but we do have a gas line and we have passed the pressure test. I am not sure about everything that needs to happen before we actually have heat but it should be soon, at least by summer.